If You Are Living With A Kid In An Apartment, This Blog Is For You!

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If You Are Living With A Kid In An Apartment, This Blog Is For You!

Isn’t it exciting to raise a kid with us in an apartment? Well yes it is. The minor things we inculcate in our daily living will create a large impact in the minds of the children. It is very important to take care of all the properties in the ambience to which the kids are exposed and it is possible to create a positive feeling in them using such things.

When kids grow in prime city locations like Anna nagar, R.A. Puram, Besant Nagar, etc. it is undeniable that the ambience around their living surroundings gives them the initial sense of life beyond the walls, secondarily to their educational environment.

Therefore it is important to choose the locality and the house to live with proper care. Reputed Builders like Kamalam Builders keep in mind such factors before initially selecting a site for their project. This read is to give you a perspective on the initiative we could take to induce a betterment of the children.

Scribbles, the first step of an artist!

It’s a wonderful thing to encourage your children to use their imaginations and get crafty. However, this can result in a great deal of additional chaos and disorder. Before you begin your next art project, choose a location for it on the refrigerator, a wall, or in a bedroom. Let them explore their creativity.

Minimalism, preferring quality over quantity of our holdings!

The simplest approach to avoid a great deal of stress in the long term is to start small. Minimalism encourages you to discard goods that are no longer in use. Minimalists just keep only what they know is necessary for them. They reduce the quantity of their possessions while improving the quality. This way of living is not for everyone, but it may make you feel more organized in a matter of minutes.


Excitement, support it rather than suppressing it!

Living in an apartment with children might be difficult at times. It’s easy to feel like your children have less space to call their own. These sentiments might be depressing at times, but no matter how many square feet you have, you can still have a sense of adventure. Your unique touches and the way you live your life contribute to making your apartment seem like home. When being at home becomes too much, you might urge your children to go on adventures. Encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone and travel the globe!

Space it, don’t dump on furnishings all over!

Create open zones instead of stuffing every inch of your flat with furniture and goods. Allow children to spread out their toys and experiment with them. Designate a blanket for them to play on, and let them know they have the entire place to themselves. Not only will your children appreciate the extra room, but you won’t have to worry about them ruining the furniture.


Open bins, initiating Swachh Bharat!

When a bin is open, a kid may see exactly what goes into that specific place. It eliminates the need for them to put the lid on or off, allowing setup and cleanup much easier. These bins look well on labeled shelves as well as bookcases.

Group alike sets, like charges attract here!

Giving kids a sense of organization and belonging at a initial stage is essential. Things like toys that should be paired with other toys that are similar. This not only improves the effectiveness of your home organizing system, but it also helps children distinguish various categories. This is a cognitive functioning skill that is going to assist your youngster understand It’s easier for you and the kids to figure out which things go together.

Home, what everything deserves!

It’s challenging to have an ordered structure when you’re not sure where everything belongs. Giving everything a home is the first step. It’s simple to return your things after they’ve been assigned a location. In the long term, the practice of doing so will be quite beneficial for you! Make the required classifications to give everything a place to call home, and watch as everything finds a home.

We at Kamalam Builders keep in mind all these points in every process of ours while designing any of our projects and strive in providing kid friendly communities.

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