10 Vastu Points to Follow While Constructing a House

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10 Vastu Points to Follow While Constructing a House

Mother nature rules our existence and there is no life without it. The ecosystem we live in comprises of the five essential elements like fire, air, water, land, and earth. Any disturbance in these elements can cause drastic changes in human life. This disruption result gives rise to stressful life surrounded by a feeling of unsatisfaction with many unanswered questions. As a resolution from these negative entities, Vastu Shastra came into the big picture.

Main Door Entrance: The main door must face north, east, or in the north-east direction as per Vastu tips for home. It must be constructed in a way to ensure that when you step out, you meet the north, east, or north-east direction. It should be decorated with religious symbols to attract positive vibes. Hang a silver string to eliminate any Vastu defects.

Living Room: As a Vastu tip for home, the living room must be located in east, north, or north-east, and north-west-facing. Any kind of massive furniture should be placed in the west or south-west direction of the living room. All electronic appliances must be installed in the southeast section of the living room.

Bedroom: The bedroom should be located in a south-west direction for good health and prosperous relations as per the Vastu tips for home. Bedroom located in north-east direction causes health issues, and in the southeast may create obligations in a couple’s life. The bed must be situated in the south-west corner, with the head facing west.

Kitchen: According to Vastu tip for home, the kitchen is considered an integral part of all Indian households since it is the primary source of our day-long energy. The kitchen must be constructed in the southeast direction of the home. If for any reason, you are unable to do so, the north-west course can also be considered. However, ensure that the kitchen is never to be built in the north, north-east or south-west directions of the home as it will have adverse effects and can ruin relationships between family members.

Choose your interiors wisely: Vastu Shastra tips for home suggests that colours can encourage our behaviour, and can set an atmosphere in the house. Avoid using black to paint your interiors and always opt for brighter colours like white, yellow, pink, coral, green, orange, or blue to regulate positive energy. Avoid dim lights and always keep the north-east corner clean and tidy. Never keep a mirror near your bed at foot place as any stress you throw off in your sleep will reflect.

Auspicious Time: One of the main Vastu tips for home for good results, is that everything needs to do as per the predictions of the “Panchanga.” For anyone that is moving into a new household, they perform an auspicious ceremony known as “Griha Pravesh.” Panchanga is a religious calendar that is set the lunar cycle accordingly. It is comprised of specific timings as per the particular occasions for good fortunate results.

Entering into a new home: Before performing all rituals, Vastu tips for home suggests that your new home must be empty without any furniture. Only the gas stove should be installed in the kitchen at the time. Break a coconut at the threshold and step into the house by placing the right foot and put the idols in the east for the ceremony.

Havan: Havan is a fire ceremony that is performed in a new house to get the divine blessings as a Vastu tip for a home. Pooja is performed to Lord Ganesha, and other deities with sacrificial fire at the centre with flowers, turmeric, ghee, oil and offerings like sweets, coconuts are offered to god. Holy river Ganga water is sprinkled all over the home to cleanse it to get rid of any negative energy in the house. Milk is boiled until overflows resembling that the inhabitant will be blessed with an abundance of wealth, health, and happiness.

The Money/Jewelry Box: Cash/Money is what makes the world go around. It is directly related to our social status, prosperity, harmony and abundance. Our emotions are so deeply connected with money that for us Indians, money is not just an instrument to buy or possess material and worldly things. Our culture hails money as a form of goddess Lakshmi. We pray for money and it is, more or less, a part of our religious beliefs. Hence, it is extremely important to have our money/cash box placed as per Vastu to keep the money flowing in. A cash locker must always be placed close to the south-west or the southern wall in a room. It is important to ensure that the locker open towards the north. It is because the Lord Kuber is considered to be residing in the northern direction. When we repeatedly open the locker in the Lord’s direction, the gracious god refills it every single time.

The-Placement-Justice: Location or placement are of paramount importance in Vastu-Shastra. For the optimum confluence of the best of energies, every room has been marked to be located in particular spots as per Vastu. For instance, the main entrance of the house must face east, the rising-side of the Sun. It is to allow the positive light enter and grace your house. It is ideal to cook facing the east side in a south-east located kitchen. This setup is the easiest recipe for happiness. While the bedrooms must occupy the south-west corners, bathrooms must necessarily be built in the northwest corners.

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