Joint Development

What is Joint Development ??

A landowner having a piece of land has various opportunities to make revenues out of it. One of the opportunity is a Joint development. Here, as a builder with our expertise and knowledge we suggest a plan for you to make a better revenue out the land by putting up a building structure than selling it as a vacant land. Developing your land by putting up a construction either Residential, Commercial or any other type of structure for which you need not invest on your land and we do for you. Henceforth we enter into a joint development with mutually agreed terms between us.

Why Joint Development and your pros

  • Okay now if you are planning for a Joint development what are your advantages.
  • Getting a better return than any other option.
  • When you to look sell your land at today’s market price but on entering into joint Development you intend to develop your land and gain more return than selling it as vacant land on today’s market price.
  • Can take up part ownership of the land and building if required by you.
  • Enjoy the future appreciation cost.
  • After the development, the value of the property appreciates. And over a time period the Market value also appreciates and you will be still be holding a share of your well-developed property.
  • If you have a property in a good location and you are interested and looking to develop your property further by converting them to apartments or a commercial complex, then Kamalam Builders would be interested to enter into a joint venture with you.
  • We are the best company in Chennai in doing Joint Development projects having a very good rapport with our clients.


     1  Sell the land on present market price and enjoy the gains.

     2  Lease out the land to get a regular income.

     3  Construct the basic


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